Children's university

Oakham Castle is very pleased to have joined Children's University this year.  


Here are some of the fun activities that can add to your learning hours during your trip to Oakham Castle. There is also a walking trail around Oakham that will count towards your hours. 


In addition, we have events during half-terms and holidays for children and young adults, please keep an eye on our events page or our Facebook page for details of these.


If your school is signed up to Children's University please mention this to our team when planning a visit. We will be happy to stamp student passports. ​

Oakham Castle Quiz  - Search around the Great Hall of Oakham Castle finding objects of interest and then work out the answer to questions relating to the quirky objects you find. 

Learning Outcome - find out about the unique horseshoe tradition, Oakham Castle’s court and learn a little about who lived and worked in the castle in its Norman heyday.

Time allocation: 15 to 30 minutes FREE


Miniature Trail - Take a magnifying glass to find tiny scrolls containing a short verse/riddle (in Saxon kenning poem structure ). Each riddle hints at where the next clue is.  Clues are hidden around the castle and grounds. The aim to find the treasure left by the clever bunny castle scribe.

Learning outcome: to understand the structure of a kenning poem plus orientate yourself around the castle. 

Time allocation: 30 minutes. £1 per family group plus £1 deposit for magnifying glasses


Medieval rich and poor food activity - Decide who would eat which foods in The Middle Ages.

Learning outcome: to learn some interesting facts about medieval diet. 

Time allocation: 15 minutes. FREE


Feisty Felons - Solve a puzzle to find out more about villains tried at Oakham Castle over the centuries.

Learning outcome:  to learn of local felons from Oakham Castle’s past.

Time allocation: 20 minutes, 30 minutes with favourite felon sheet as well. FREE


Design your own coat of arms - Get some ideas together with our magnetic heraldic icons, then put your ideas down on paper.

Learning outcome: to begin to develop an understanding of how and why heraldry was used in The Middle Ages and beyond. 

 Time allocation: 30 minutes FREE


Riddle quiz - Solve riddles to find out more about some of the unusual horseshoes found on the walls of Oakham Castle.

Learning outcome: to discover who some of the famous people are, that have donated horseshoes at Oakham Castle.

Time allocation 15 minutes FREE


Great Hall in different guises - Wooden slot activity that illustrates how the Castle’s usage has changed through its long history.

Learning outcome: to develop chronological understanding.

Time allocation: 15 minutes. FREE


Spend time with our guide - We have excellent entertaining guides at Oakham Castle’s ready to share their knowledge of the castle's history and tell tales of some of the eccentric and important horseshoe donators. 

Learning outcome: to learn key facts about our Norman Great Hall.

Time allocation: 15 to 25 minutes FREE

(This activity is not always available - it is worth ringing to check we will have guide during your visit).


Please note: There are occasions when an activity or two may be unavailable.


Coming Very soon…


Children’s Guidebook - There are lots of fun and varied activities in this little book to accompany your visit. It is written in a witty and lively style and crammed full of learning.


Learning outcomes: develop knowledge about the feudal system, Saxon settlements, the Norman Conquest, crime and punishment through the ages, local history.

Time allocation: 45 minutes.  Price: TBC