How to Book

Thank you for your interest. Please fill in the form below to make initial enquiries about our education programme. We will be in touch shortly to tailor the day to your needs and to provide a quote. Other ideas or topics not listed here can often be incorporated into our sessions so don't be afraid to ask.  

Additional info

  • As a guide, costs are £5.50 per child for a half day and £9.00 per child for a full day. (Shorter sessions are available)

  • Free on-site parking for minibuses. Unfortunately coaches cannot enter the castle grounds because of a low archway. Coaches will need to drop off groups at the top of Castle Lane, just a very short walk away from the Castle.

  • Coats and bags can be securely stored.

  • The Castle has lovely grounds for a picnic or, if visiting on a Tuesday, groups can lunch inside the venue.

  • The site is wheelchair accessible.

If visiting on any day other than Tuesday (when we are closed to the public) please be aware that Oakham Castle is a public place and it is a condition of booking that group leaders remain with their group at all times to supervise them.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Castle Team