Activities for Children's groups (Adults' activities also available!)

Choose from a selection of hands-on, fun activities to create a memorable trip to Oakham Castle.
Groups can be divided into small parties to take part in a carousel of activities.
Prices start from £3.50 per child per session.
Choosing more than one traditional craft activity may incur a slightly higher charge.

Active GAmes

Norman Survival Trial

Playing roles from a medieval village, children try to evade an early death, as they dodge illness, injury, crop failure, robbers and the collection of taxes in a fun tag game crammed full of learning along the way.

Medieval themed obstacle race
Practise jousting, take grain to the mill, throw veg at the stocks, take shields to the battle etc. This activity gives an idea of life in the middle ages but primarily it is a huge amount of fun and an excellent way of getting the heart racing. You can compete with yourself and try and improve on your time, or work as a group and do the course as a relay.


Create a Castle Game
A great warm-up game. After learning about the Castle‘s features, prove you know your stuff by running to the right location within the grounds, racing against other teams. The winner of each heat wins a piece of Castle. The ultimate winners make the pieces into a complete Castle.


Knights' Training

Saxon Shield Drill
Be put through your paces in the ranks of a Saxon army. With our replica Saxon shields practise the tactics that could have saved your life or won you the battle.


Sword and Buckler Training

Learn how to fight with an arming sword and a small shield known as a buckler. Learn some basic moves then choreograph a fight.

Create a shield
Make a shield to take home emblazoned with your own heraldic design


Traditional Crafts


Learn the skill of needle felting and take home a keepsake.

Medieval tile making

Create a tile to take home

Leather stamping

Create a bracelet or a key ring stamped with your own design.


Learn how to gild using copper leaf, and take home a super shiny horseshoe


Pomander making

Decorate an orange using cloves and ribbon to create a pomander, and learn about why pomanders were popular.



Create a ‘marchpane’ (marzipan) Tudor centrepiece for the banquet table and make gingerbread using a traditional medieval recipe.


Booking more than 1 traditional craft activity may require a slightly higher charge to cover materials.



More Make and Do

Make crowns

Decorate a shiny crown with sparkles and gems.

Mini-archaeology dig

Retrieve genuine finds in our dig. Discover more about your “treasure” from the Castle staff. Is it really old or made last year? Man-made or funny rock formation?

Make a set of juggling balls

Be taught the basics to get you learning this essential jester's tool of the trade.


Decorate a plaster of Paris horseshoe

Personalise a horseshoe with bright colours and plenty of glitter.


We are always busy creating new and exciting activities. Please contact us if you are looking for something specific that you don't see here. You are welcome to use the grounds to run your own activities if you are working with us.