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Highlight and Insert Header/Footer Lines in Drawings:Use the header and footer lines in your drawings to help you correctly orient your drawings. (video: 1:30 min.)Create and Modify 3D Objects (CAMERA) and Text:Use the latest tools to easily create and edit complex 3D models and text strings. Work directly from the command line. (video: 1:00 min.)Automatic Layer Placement:Add, move, and rotate layers automatically, based on geometry. (video: 1:07 min.)Autodesk unveils a new groundbreaking feature, AutoCAD Cloud, that enables customers to have access to their AutoCAD drawings and collaborate with AutoCAD users anywhere, anytime. AutoCAD Cloud is available at no additional charge to AutoCAD customers and is easy to install. AutoCAD Cloud includes enhanced features for 3D and 2D modeling, drafting, and rendering to view, share, and collaborate on drawings.“Since we introduced AutoCAD 19 years ago, we have dedicated our product development resources to provide significant new features and enhancements to help our customers improve their productivity,” said Garret Bitar, executive vice president of Autodesk Media and Entertainment. “With AutoCAD Cloud, we will continue to extend our offerings and make AutoCAD the best design and drafting solution for our customers, regardless of what platform they’re using.”With AutoCAD Cloud, customers can:Create drawings on any computer or device with a browser and internet connection. No additional hardware is required. AutoCAD Cloud is designed to give customers access to their drawings and to allow them to collaborate on drawings they’ve created.View and manipulate drawings from anywhere, via a web browser on any computer or mobile device with internet access. AutoCAD Cloud enhances the Autodesk 360 platform, which allows users to view, interact with, and annotate AutoCAD drawings from any device with internet access. The Autodesk 360 platform now includes AutoCAD Cloud features to give customers access to and collaborative editing of AutoCAD drawings via web browser and mobile devices.Work with existing drawings. Customers can download AutoCAD files to any computer or mobile device and upload them to the cloud, or work directly with a drawing in the cloud. AutoCAD Cloud makes it easy to work with AutoCAD 2be273e24d

AutoCAD [March-2022]

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