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Rutland Films

As part of Rutland's celebrations of the 20th anniversary of it's independence we are hosting a collection of short films made by you. We want you to take part and upload short videos, from 30 seconds to 5 minutes, about what you love about living in Rutland. It could be Fun activities in the county, areas of natural beauty, old footage of Rutland that you'd like to share with us or just something that you feel is quintessentially Rutland. The best, funniest, most exciting, creative or cleverest will be shown in the Castle during the official celebrations on the 1st of April.

So come on get your director hats on, get your friends together and get out of the house and share the beauty of Rutland with us.

How to Share Your Videos with us
  • First of all you will need a free vimeo account and access to a computer as you cannot join groups from the mobile app

  • Once you have signed up click on Watch in the top menu and select Groups


  • Search for the group "Rutland Films" and join the group.


  • You will now be able to see all the films uploaded so far.

  • Now you will need to upload your own video


  • Once uploaded click the Cog icon in the top left of the video to open the video settings page. Here you can change the title, add a description, and give a content rating

  • On the left hand side click on Collections to open up the Collection management page

  • Under Groups you should now see the "Rutland Films" Group

  • Check the tick box next to "Rutland Films" and Click Save Settings. Your video will now be sent to our moderator to check and approve.

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