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D-day remembered

2024 marks 80 years since the D-Day landings. The 6th of June, 1944 was the day Operation Overlord was put into effect, making it the largest combined effort of land, air and sea forces. Though incredibly successful there were casualties of over 209,00. The day will be remembered around the world with the lighting of beacons, bonfires and lamps among other ceremonies and memorials.

The town council of Oakham will commemorate this anniversary with a D-Day event to mark 80 years since the landings. This will take place as a part of their summer live music series on 9 June from noon until 5pm in Cutts Close, with music provided by Alan Jackson, a vintage soloist, and Marlow & Smith, a local cover duo.

(The live music events from Oakham Town Council are free and vendors such as GRIFF's Pizza and The Grainstore serving food and drinks too.)


Here at Oakham Castle we will fly the special D-Day flag of peace on the 6th of June. Our heritage shop will have items to help you celebrate and commemorate the day.

d-day transfer.jpg

The American 82nd Airborne Division was based in Cottesmore and took part in the D-Day landings, dropping 1, 254 paratroopers and landing the planes back at their base intact. They also flew again on the 7th of June on a resupply mission.

The image on the right, is an excellent bit of ephemera from Rutland County Museum. It is from the 82nd Airborne’s scrapbook. 


The Official Normandy 80 Commemorative Journal

Horizon Publications Limited has been commissioned to produce on behalf of the Spirit of Normandy Trust the official 80th Anniversary Commemorative Journal. The journal is headed by His Majesty The King and reflects on those great deeds of 80 years ago.  Included are contributions from Field Marshal Lord Guthrie, Chief of Defence Staff Admiral Sir Tony Radakin and features personal recollections from D-Day veterans and serving member of the armed forces as well as sections on the war in the Far East and Arnhem 80.


RRP£10.00    (£2.50 from the sale of each copy of the Normandy 80 Journal will be donated to the Spirit of Normandy Trust )

spirit of nomandy journal_edited.jpg

The walls of Oakham Castle are hung with ceremonial horseshoes, given by notable visitors to the county. When George VI visited in 1944 he was here to inspect the Airbourne Regiment in Oakham. This division was kept in reserve for D-Day and later took part in Operation Market Garden.

More information can be provided by joining one our short tours of Oakham Castle. £3.50 pp. Call now to book your tour. 01572 757578.

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